It’s interesting to see new products designed in unexpected ways; what I find the most intriguing is the way designers work their way around different, sometimes completely unexpected, materials, to bring new designs to life.

Last February, I attended “BeirutMakers present Command: Commandline” at Station Beirut in Sin el Fil and was impressed by the designs exhibited there.

One of them was by Ghouyoum, the Hence chair:

The HENCE chair with car paint (and lacquer + polish), is arguably the sexiest piece of furniture made from recycled material you can see around. It might not be obvious to everyone but this chair is a turning point. If 99.9% of the Lebanese design production is only platonic shapes (basic volumes) assembled, it’s not only by love of minimalism. There is a vicious circle on education about complex geometry, topology, that needs to be broken, and it has to be done by proving local manufacturability as well. Hence: this chair. (Yes the name of the chair is: HENCE)! It is made from local recycled (and recyclable) aluminium pans, has continuous surface work, it is minimal yet plays fully on creases while baring all manufacturing constraints. It proves it’s possible, and hopefully will trigger desires of voluptuous shapes in the new generation!


Ghouyoum is an Architecture & Design practice run by Guillaume Crédoz architect & sculptor. Read more on Facebook and their website.


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