Lebanese Coffee Pots

The coffee pot is essential for making Lebanese (or Turkish) coffee.


The coffee itself seems to span through a very large part of the world, from Yemen to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The name of the coffee pot, cezve in Turkish, comes from Arabic: جذوة‎‎ . There’s a section of a Wikipedia page dedicated to all its other names, but the common root seems to be, or at least sounds to be, Arabic.

These pots come from a long history of perfected craftsmanship, in order to create pieces that would serve for a very long time and be food safe throughout its product lifetime. Some producers line the pots with a layer of tin as well to make them last longer.

Copper and brass coffee pots needs minimal care and if kept from verdigris and rust, by simply drying them after wash, can last for generations.

The ideal handle for copper or brass coffee pots, especially tin-lined one, are made of wood.


These pots can be found pretty much everywhere in Lebanon. My personal favourite is the Sunday Market (souq el ahad) but that’s a different post.


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